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5 Worst Ingredients to Use in Your Turkey Recipes


You're probably already aware that roasting a turkey is healthier than deep-frying one, but are there common ingredients in roasted turkey recipes that are to be avoided? There sure are! Read on for five ingredients that you should steer clear of when making your turkey recipes this Thanksgiving!

5 Ingredients to Avoid in Your Turkey Recipes

1. Canned soup. With the news that some canned soups may raise BPA levels in the body, it's best to avoid canned soup in your turkey recipes. Not only that, but canned soups are usually high in sodium, too.

2. Copious amounts of oil or butter. Does your favorite turkey recipe call for a lot of butter, margarine or oil? While a little is good to brown the bird, too much fat adds unnecessary calories to your plate. And no one wants that!

3. Sugar. Whether it's in the form of a little brown sugar in the brine or a coating of honey, some turkey recipes call for sugar to add flavor. Save the sweetness for dessert and avoid!

4. Salt. A little salt is definitely good for bringing out the flavor of your favorite turkey recipe, but don't go overboard with it and certainly don't sprinkle more on the bird once it's carved and on your plate.

5. Stuffing. While there are plenty of healthy stuffing recipes to make, that doesn't mean that you should actually cook them in with your turkey recipe. To ensure proper food safety, it's best to cook your stuffing in a separate dish, instead of in the cavity of your bird. 

What's healthy ingredients are in your favorite turkey recipes? Share 'em!


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