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8 Fit Ways to Support Breast Cancer Awareness


Every October, troves of breast cancer awareness supporters make themselves known by donning pink in various ways: NFL players on their helmets, high school kids with “I heart boobies” bracelets on their wrists, and who can forget the “Save the Tatas” shirts? But buying pink-ribbon products isn't the only way to demonstrate that you care. If you prefer to show your support in a healthy, active way, sign up for one of these fun events.

1. Flywheel Ride for Research
Flywheel Sports in West Hollywood is hosting a donation-based 45-minute spin class on October 4 to raise money for the Noreen Fraser Foundation, a research nonprofit run by Fraser, who’s been living with metastatic breast cancer since 2003.

2. Trek Women Breast Cancer Awareness Ride
On October 12
and 13, Trek bicycle retailers will host 10- and 25-mile group bike rides, donating the $25 registration fee directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

3. Barbells for Boobs
CrossFit gyms across the country team up with Reebok to host
Barbell for Boobs events during which participants perform a WOD (workout of the day) and are encouraged to raise money for the Mammograms in Action Program. This organization provides funding and resources nationwide for women who don't qualify for assistance elsewhere.


4. Ride for the Cure
Rain or shine, the Hampton, CT, branch of Susan G. Komen for the Cure will hit the trail on October 6 for a horse back ride that raises funds for
Komen of Connecticut.

5. Row for the Cure
Partnering with Susan G. Komen for the Cure and U.S. Rowing, Row for the Cure hosts regattas across the country, donating 75 percent of proceeds to local breast cancer education and 25 percent to the Komen National Grand Program.

6. Skate the Coast
Skate the Coast, an 18-mile
longboarding marathon in L.A. on October 5 where participants can skate, bike, or ride, raises money for Boarding for Breast Cancer, a nonprofit that focuses on healthy lifestyles and breast cancer prevention.

7. Boxing for Boobies
Raising money for the American Cancer Society, CKO Kickboxing in Shoreline, WA, is leading a $50 class on October 26 to raise money for the American Cancer Society
during an hour-and-a-half-long session sparing with heavy bags.

8. Party in Pink
Mixing prevention with partying, the Zumba community puts on Party in Pink Zumbathons throughout October, donating 75 percent of ticket fees directly toward the Zumba Global Research Grant for Breast Cancer Prevention. 


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