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8 Ways to Dress Up Your Nails for Halloween


One of the best parts of Halloween is donning a costume—and this year you can be sure your fingernails are just as in the spirit by painting them one of these fun patterns. All you need is the right color polishes, a fairly steady hand, and sometimes a nail art pen and dotting tool (both found online and in most beauty supply stores and drugstores), and you’ll have nails that just may upstage everyone else’s costumes.

Designed by Barbara Warner, who has worked with Adele, Rihanna, and Helen Hunt, just to name a few
1. Paint nails black, white, or silver to really make the “blood” stand out.
2. Once nails are dry, splatter red nail polish on the tips by letting a blob drip off of the brush. Hold your hands up in the air and let the polish drip down, moving your hands to make the polish travel in different directions over the nail. The messier the better!
3. Wait until completely dry and finish with a clear topcoat.

Designed by Barbara Warner
1. Paint nails black.
2. Using white polish with a thin brush, paint a large circle for the body. Add the spider’s legs with white striping polish or a white nail art pen such as the one from Sally Hansen.
3. Use a nail art dotting tool to make small black eyes.

Bloodshot Eyeballs
Designed by Barbara Warner
1. Paint nails white. 
2. Once dry, use the large side of a dotting tool to make the iris in green or blue. Use the smaller side of the dotting tool to make a black dot in the center for the pupil. Add a small white dot on the top left of the black to make it look more real.
3. Finish by drawing some broken blood vessels with a red sparkle striping polish.

Designed by Barbara Warner
1. Paint nails green. (Warner likes Midori from Zoya, as its shimmer adds to the final effect.)
2. Once polish is completely dry, use either a nail art pen or a striping polish such as Instant Artist by Orly in black to paint “hair” on the tip of the nail. While the tips are still wet, sprinkle black glitter (the craft store kind is fine) on the hair to make it look more texturized.
3. Use the larger side of a dotting tool to apply white polish where you want the eyes to be, then use the smaller side to add black pupils.
4. To create the mouth, draw a straight line on a diagonal and add a stitching effect by painting small vertical lines across the mouth.




Designed by Barbara Warner
1. Paint nails white (it’ll make the orange pop).
2. Once dry, layer orange polish on top.
3. Create different facial expressions by using a black nail art pen.

Candy Corn
Designed by Barbara Warner
1. Paint nails orange.
2. Once dry, paint the moons of the nail (the crescent-shaped whitish area at the beds) white. Warner says she uses Instant Artist by Orly because the polishes have a super thin brush, making it easy to control, and the pigment is saturated so you will only need one coat.
3. Finish the look by painting the tips yellow. (If you have a shaky hand and want to guarantee your lines are straight, use a nail art stencil, which you can find at most drugstores.)


Designed by Rose Velez, Patti Labelle’s manicurist
1. Paint nails white (Velez likes NYC in French White) and let dry.
2. Using the a black Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen, create an oversized asterisk on the nail. Connect those lines by drawing small crescent shaped lines between them.
3. Finish with a clear topcoat.

Designed by Samira Asemanfar, founder of Bellacures Nail Salons, who has worked with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Lea Michelle, and Ashlee Simpson
1. Apply two coats of white polish and let nails dry completely.
2. Use black polish to dab two circles for the eyes, an upside down small heart for the nose, and four to five teeth (thin lines at the edge of your nail).
3. Once completely dry, apply clear topcoat.



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