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An AIDS-Free Future Might Be Possible, One Journalist Went On an Alcohol "Cleanse," and How Women Can Get Ahead at Work


If you're behind on your news this week, you'll want to read our recap below. It's a good one: An AIDS-free future might be possible, new research on the funny way men interact with women they like, plus why one journalist went on an alcohol-only diet for a week (yes, really—and surprisingly enough, he didn't die).  

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1. An AIDS-free generation may be within reach. Scaling early treatment toward women and girls could go a long way in fighting the virus, former President Bill Clinton said at an international conference in Melbourne this week. Every year more than 2 million people are infected with HIV, though the number of people dying from AIDS-related illnesses has fallen in recent years, according to Reuters. "We should no longer have any doubts, nor should anyone else, that we have the abillity to see this thing through to the end," Clinton said. 

2. Guys act silly around pretty women. Okay, that's a little harsh, but heterosexual men use a "sing-songy" voice when talking to women they like, U.K. researchers say. When they talk to women they're less attracted to, they use a deeper voice. Researchers think it may because men want to appear masculine, but not aggressive or overbearing, so they try to vary the pitch of their voices, resulting in the up-and-down quality of their voices. 

3. Women can get ahead at long as they don't promote other women. A new study out of the University of Colorado asked the bosses and peers of 362 business executives to rank their colleagues on their performance, warmth, competence, and "diversity-valuing behavior," or commitment to racial and gender diversity at the company. They found that women and people of color who demonstrated strong diversity-valuing behavior received lower performance reviews than white men who demonstrated the same behavior. Women who promoted other women were also found to be less "warm," the researchers said, and minority executives who valued diversity were seen as "less competent." So much for shattering that glass ceiling!

4. Grandmothers are against millenials' new "old" lifestyles. Apparently, the new trend is to call yourself a "grandma" when you don't want to go out at night or on the weekends (Taylor Swift is apparently a fan), and real grandmothers are not having it, according to a new piece in the New Yorker. "It's insulting," Doris June told the magazine. "Today, I went to my water-aerobics class, played bridge for three hours, made progress on a Sudoku puzzle that has been stumping me for months, and tried a new recipe. Who has time to sit around like those kids, watching the Netflix all day?” Duly noted. 

5. A Vice journalist went on an alcohol-only diet for a week. And predictably, the results were awful. As an experiment, Vice contributor Jules Suzdaltsev created a five-day, all-alcohol "cleanse" where he consumed nothing but alcohol and water, and documented the experience. Besides pooping out blood (yikes), he experienced migraines, dehydration, depression, and temporarily lost part of his vision. He also lost one pound, he said. Bottom line: Would he recommend this? "God, no," he told Vice. Neither would we.


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