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An Alcoholic Beverage a Day to Keep the Doctor Away

Go ahead and add another health benefit to drinking one alcoholic beverage a day! New research has found that drinking a moderate amount (one alcoholic beverage such as a glass of wine or a bottle of beer a day) helps women to cut their risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease as they age. 

Researchers had 13,894 women enrolled in the Nurses' Health Study fill out questionnaires about what they ate and drank at midlife and then again at age 70. Compared to nondrinkers or those who drink four or more drinks at one time, researchers found that women who drank light or moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages were less likely to develop chronic diseases as they got older. In fact, light daily drinkers (who had one alcoholic beverage five to seven days per week) were 20 percent more likely to be disease-free at age 70 than nondrinkers and 50 percent less likely to develop disease. It's interesting to note that those women who drank one alcoholic beverage three to four days per week also benefitted, but at a lower risk percentage — 29 percent.
Researchers say that the take-home message is that drinking one alcoholic beverage a day for most days of the week — rather than drinking many drinks in one sitting or one drink just a couple times a week — is best for health. If you're looking for some lower-calorie options for your daily alcoholic beverage, check out this list of bikini-friendly beers and three cool cocktails!



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