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Americans Are More Stressed than Ever


Everyone seems to be stressed these days. We're anxious about everything from our careers to our relationships to our food choices to our workouts. We all have too much to do in too little time, and we seem to rush around from to-do to to-do without a whole lot of down time in between. Am I right, or am I right?

According to some of the most recent research on Americans, we feel more stressed because we are more stressed. Just check out the infographic below: It's full of fun (or, rather, not-so-fun) facts on how stressed we are, how it's hurting our health, and how different the U.S. is when it comes to vacation time than other countries. Makes you want to move to France, no?

Tell us, do you feel more stressed these days? What's your favorite way to get relief?

Master Your Stress
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