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Amp Up Your Workout with the Hottest New Music


Fitness icon Jake Steinfeld has long been known for revolutionizing the personal training fitness industry, and now he's gone a step further by partnering with Universal Music Enterprises to bring you the best in workout music with his new series, Body By Jake Music. Each compilation is designed as a song-by-song soundtrack for every workout with the songs matching the right BPMs (beats per minute) for any type of exercise—Pilates, running, yoga, kickboxing, and more.

“Let’s face it. Exercise can be boring,” Steinfeld says. “But with great music, it can take the edge off of any fitness routine. Music has the power to stimulate, inspire get you to go that extra mile, do that last set of reps, and reach or go beyond your goal. We want you to look forward to your next workout because the music, your experience, and results are that good.” 

The first compilation, Ripped and Toned Workout, is available on iTunes and includes hits from Lady Gaga, Fergie, Ludacris, OneRepublic, and Jessie J, to name a few. Check it out today!


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