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This App Helps You Pick the Right Size While Online Shopping

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We all have that moment before we click “complete purchase” where we question if we’re totally positive we want to buy that sundress. For most online shoppers, that moment of hesitation is the result of inconsistent sizing, a problem costing the fashion industry over $3 billion per year. But now, a New York-based startup has compiled measurements from many popular brands and combined them with algorithms to help shoppers order clothing in the right size.

The app, Clothes Horse, offers personalized size and fit recommendations based on inputs like a customer’s height, weight, and body type, as well as preferred brands and comfort in a given brand. (The questionnaire process takes less than one minute to complete.) A clothing site could ask “What brand’s dress shirt fits you best?” They could also describe how well that brand fits, answering “it’s perfect,” “it fits well,” or “it doesn’t fit very well.” The Clothes Horse widget then tells you what size to buy, and exactly how it will fit (“tight around the chest” or “just right in the collar”).

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The question: Does it really work? In early tests, Bonobos, one of the men’s brands using Clothes Horse, saw a 13 percent sales increase on product pages that had the Clothes Horse widget, according to a joint case study. In cases where shoppers actually filled out the questionnaire, the increase was about triple. While most places offer free return shipping, we would love to not have to deal with it. Do you think you would be more likely to make a purchase from a site using Clothes Horse? Tell us in the comments below, or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!


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