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The App That Lets You Rate Your Coworkers


It's an exciting week in the app world. Not only is an emoji-only social network in the works, but there is now a mobile app that allows coworkers to rate each other's personalities anonymously, Business Insider reports.

Don't worry (or perhaps, don't get too excited); the point isn't to talk smack behind your cubicle-mate's back. Knozen is "a positive, supportive place for personality," that "shows you what people like most about you," the website promises.

How exactly does it work? "We use fun, free, social games in a unique new way to show people’s personalities so that you can comment and share and let people know what you think makes them unique and different," the site continues. (Yes, that's two mentions of the word 'unique' in one sentence.) So in other words, it's not a place for negativity. Or bashing someone's outfit. Or bad dye job. Still, being compared to your colleagues or having less-than-flattering attributes pointed out could lead to some office resentment, no?

Then again, considering new research shows that you probably have no clue what your coworkers think about you, maybe this is the answer we've all been looking for. While we may like to think we're capable of mature, adult face-to-face conversations, how many organic opportunities do we really get to let our coworkers know how sympathetic or assertive we find them to be? Perhaps an anonymous way to share these personality attributes will have positive effects on office culture. The jury is still out.

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