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Is Apple Juice Safe? The Dr. Oz Controversy

On yesterday's "The Dr. Oz Show," Dr. Oz released the results of the show's own small, independent study that looked at arsenic levels in common brands of apple juice. Dr. Oz found that most brands of apple juice studied had trace levels of arsenic in them. Almost immediately, the apple juice show garnered the attention of the FDA, juice companies and other health professionals. 

Dr. Oz says he's concerned because about 60 percent of apples used in apple juice are imported from China. Other countries, including China, may use pesticides that contain arsenic on their apples thereby putting apple juice at risk for contamination.

The FDA response has been strong in assuring the public that apple juice is regularly tested and safe, stating that there is no evidence of any public health risk from drinking apple juice.

The FDA's main complaint with Dr. Oz's findings is that the apple-juice testing didn't take into account that there are two forms of arsenic: organic and inorganic. Most health professionals believe organic levels of arsenic are generally safe, while inorganic arsenic is not. The FDA also conducted its own tests of the same apple juices test by the “Dr. Oz Show.” The FDA reported finding very low levels of inorganic arsenic; 6 parts per billion at most, even lower than the 10 parts per billion recommended by the EPA as a safe level for drinking water, according to ABC News.


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