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#AskHerMore: Questions We Wish Female Celebs Were Asked at the Emmy's

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Last night's Emmy's proved to be quite the breeding ground for conversation about the sexism and objectification of women in Hollywood. If Sofia Vergara's pedestal skit wasn't enough material for Twitter fodder, the #AskHerMore hashtag certainly brought attention to the gender stereotypes that are practically unavoidable during any pre-event red carpet coverage.

Launched by a movement called the Representation Project, the hashtag was created to question how the media talks to women on the red carpet, and allowed users to directly call out reporters who focus solely on the appearance of female celebs, while saving the hard-hitting, accomplishment-driven questions for the men. 

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Here, Twitter users share some questions we would have loved to hear asked:

We won't pretend that we don't love seeing what our favorite stars are wearing on the red carpet, but that doesn't mean we don't care about what they have to say too. In the words of so many Twitter users: Why can't we have both?

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