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Athleta Is Coming to Fashion Week


Fitness has officially hit the high-fashion circuit. For the first time, a dedicated fitness apparel brand will be shown in New York Fashion Week this September. Athleta, a popular New York-based yoga and fitness brand, will introduce its installation, and though it probably won't be quite what you're used to seeing on the runway, it promises to be a show, complete with parkour, yogis, b-girls, and dancers. (Rumor has it, it was even choreographed by one of Queen Bey's choreographers!)

"We’re at a time where there is a major macro-trend happening where fitness is having a huge influence on women’s fashion," Athleta president and general manager Nancy Green says. "Women are living more active lives, and they're looking for their clothes to reflect that lifestyle. We're excited to showcase the incredible versatility of Athleta's performance products during our Fashion Week event."

Keep an eye out as Fashion Week approaches (and check out the cool promo video below), and tell us: Do you want to see more fitness brands walk the runway? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!



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