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The Belfie Stick Takes Selfies to a Whole New Level


This year will likely bring all sorts of inventions that will alter the wellness world for the better. But January is off to a questionable start with the BelfieStick, a bendable stick that lets you take selfies of your backside at the exact angle that will garner maximum likes—so you don't have to go through all the taxing effort of twisting in front of the mirror. Don't get us wrong, belfies can be serious fitspiration—hence, The Best Celebrity Bikini Butt Selfies. But a stick?

The product was created by the selfie experts at, a photo-based social-networking site, Business Insider reports. And while it's currently out of stock (we're not kidding), you can pre-order one now for...$80. (With that money, you could also buy a new pair of sneakers, this Natural Workout Gear That Actually Works, or a monthly gym membership.)

But BelfieStick enthusiasts swear by the product: “I never again have to take pics in the bathroom. I can't tell you how many times I've dropped my iPhone trying to take pics. I love it! Thank God they invented BelfieStick!” says Lauren. And from Ellen, “I can't believe they invented this, it's totally insane! Everyone is hurtin' holding their phones trying to get the right precise angle. Bend over, snap a pic, & done! BelfieStick rulez!!!.”

Our suggestion? Invest in some of The Most Popular Fitness Gear of the Year—and save your cash. 


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