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Brazilian Blowout Contains Dangerous Chemicals, According to FDA

The hair straightening treatment Brazilian Blowout has become really popular, and there's no doubt that it works at turning curly and unruly hair into celeb-worthy locks. But at what price? The FDA recently issued a warning letter to the makers of the Brazilian Blowout, citing unsafe levels of formaldehyde as a major cause of concern.

Although the makers of the Brazilian Blowout say that its product is safe and contains no formaldehyde, the FDA's analysis found that Brazilian Blowout contains up to 10 percent formaldehyde, which is far higher than the 0.2 percent that the Cosmetics Ingredient Review Expert Panel considers safe. Formaldehye helps bind keratin to hair, making it straighter and smoother.

This letter from the FDA continues building the case that Brazilian Blowouts are unsafe. Five months ago, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a hazard alert about Brazilian Blowout and similar hair products, warning that hair salon workers and clients could potentially be exposed to formaldehyde by using them. According to the FDA letter, the makers of the Brazilian Blowout have until mid-Sept. to address the issue or risk having its product seized.




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