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Breast Facials Are Now a Thing


First there was Cinderella foot surgery, then engagement ring selfie surgery. The latest trend in pampering? "Breacials," or breast facials. That's right, facials for your ta-tas may be coming to a spa near you.

A breast facial is a massage of the breast tissue and surrounding areas, often used in conjunction with lotions, masks, and oils. Fans and practitioners say it's about much more than looks, saying that after several sessions breast facials do deliver perkier breasts (though they won't make the girls bigger) and glowing skin, but they also can help drain lymphatic fluid and ease pain or soreness from hormonal ups and downs. 

Sounds kooky, but there may something to it, says David E. Bank, M.D., the director of The Center of Dermatology, Cosmetic, and Laser Surgery. "Draining the lymphatic system helps maintain a balanced body and when applied to breasts, can help with discomfort and increase breast health," he explains.

Styleite writer Ashley Hoffman decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. "After my 45 minute fondling session, gravity still worked," she wrote. "My t*ts were at the same level they were in the picture I took 24 hours before. But when I walked to a party that night, I noticed a considerable difference in how they felt. No more tension. Thanks to the massage, they weren’t weighing me down anymore. When someone 'accidentally' bumped into me on the subway, I didn’t feel like I was being twisted in a juicer. I felt liberated when I shot down the stairs at the bar without the painful bounce I was used to. I went into this because I was curious about how weird it would be, but it worked." 

Still, don't get too excited—the effects aren't permanent and may not be as spectacular as some of the claims. "After lymphatic draining of the breasts, they should feel less heavy as there is less fluid, but it doesn’t make them necessarily perkier," Bank says. "Nothing can reverse the effects of gravity besides surgery."

There really aren't any risks from a breacial, but Banks says that care should be taken not to use excessive force during the lymphatic draining. If you have cancer, consult your doctor before trying this out.


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