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Brooke Burke-Charvet Recovering From Surgery


After yesterday’s surgery to remove a cancerous lump in her thyroid gland, Brooke Burke-Charvet, the 41-year-old host of Dancing With the Stars, fitness buff, and SHAPE's October cover girl, is doing well.

Earlier today she tweeted, "Made it through my surgery, Thank God! so far so good." Then later, "I'm with my love brother @fatcat, my sis @kimberbburke and my little one….nothing better than family. icing my neck…."

In early November Burke-Charvet revealed her diagnosis and posted a personal video to the blog The Modern Mom's YouTube channel saying, "I'm going to be a really good patient and do everything I need to do."

She's received an outpour of support through social media and said that many women have approached her in the past month to share stories and show her their thyroid scars, leading her to tweet, "They're beauty marks & so reassuring."

Luckily doctors told her that thyroid cancer is one of those cancers that has a "happy-ever-after ending," she said in the YouTube video. (More than 56,000 people are diagnosed with the cancer in the United States every year, with less than 1,800 dying from the disease.)

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And in true Burke-Charvet fashion, the inspiring female, who told us behind the scenes at her October cover shoot that she works out five times a week, was not going to let surgery slow down her fitness routine. On December 3 she completed a Pilates session and tweeted, "What a killer hard workout!"

We know you're fighting, Brooke. Hang in there. Our thoughts are with you and your family!


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