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Burger King Offering Up Healthier Meals


Burger King may be best known for its massive burgers and dry humor approach to marketing ("The King" commercials that dudes everywhere have been fans of), but the fast-food chain is looking to switch things up for the healthier.

Similar to what McDonald's has done by offering lighter and more women and family-friendly options, Burger King will expand its menu to include smoothies, salads and oatmeal. Ever since a new company bought Burger King last year, revenue has been on the decline. Offering healthy items is one way Burger King hopes to reposition itself.

For those of you Burger King Whopper lovers (or those with boyfriends who worship the Whopper), don't worry. The Whopper — and the ridiculously unhealthy options — aren't going anywhere. In fact, Burger King's new California Whopper weighs in at 820 calories and 56 grams of fat. Ouch.

Those healthier options at Burger King can't come soon enough in our opinion!


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