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The Case for Hot Coffee on a Hot Day


The next time you stop for your requisite dose of caffeine, you may want to swap out the iced coffee for a piping hot cup. Sounds counterintuitive, I know, but hear me out: Recent research shows your body "overacts" to the hot drink and causes you to sweat more which actually cools you down.

Science of Us looked into this further and called Anthony Bain, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of British Columbia to get his take on the physiological science behind it. 

"When we take in a hot drink, it appears that the thermosensors located in the stomach become overactive, and send strong signals to our hypothalamus that we are hot. In turn, the hypothalamus reacts by initiating an over-compensatory sweating response. So, when this sweat evaporates from our skin, the heat energy we lose due to evaporation exceeds the heat energy gained by drinking the hot drink. In other words, it is because our body overacted to the hot drink that we end up cooler in the end," he wrote to them in an email.

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What do you think of this advice? I'll probably stick to my iced latte, but do you drink hot coffee in the middle of summer? Share in the comments or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!



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