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Chat with Biggest Loser Season 5 Winner Ali Vincent


With just one week left in January many of you may feel the resolution gusto start to wane, but don’t worry! We asked one of the most inspirational women we know to reinvigorate you: Ali Vincent, the first female contestant to ever win The Biggest Loser and host of LiveWell Network's Live Big with Ali Vincent. In addition to taking home the title, she has also managed to keep off 112 pounds since 2008—so she knows a little something about sticking with it!

Join us Wednesday, January 23, at 3 p.m. EST for a live Twitterview with Ali. She’ll discuss how she lost the weight and what has kept her on track for five years. Plus, she’ll share what it’s really like to work out with tough trainer Jillian Michaels. Follow along during the chat by searching for the hashtag #Shape2013 on Twitter. You can submit your questions to us @Shape_Magazine using that same hashtag in the days leading up to the event. So tell us, what do you want to know about Ali's lasting weight-loss success? She might answer your question on Wednesday!

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