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Cheese Battle Brewing in Wisconsin


You've probably heard of anti-drug or anti-cancer campaigns, but how about an anti-cheese campaign? That's what one group in Wisconsin has waged against Wisconsin Cheeseheads. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine will place a billboard featuring the Grim Reaper with the headline "Warning: Cheese Can Sack Your Health."

Wisconsin is known for its cheese, and the image of the Wisconsin Cheesehead is a common one. According to the group, cheese consumption is on the rise. Americans eat three times as much cheese as they did in 1970, and cheese is the top source of saturated fat in American's diets. The group is trying to raise awareness that eating cheese and other full-fat dairy products can be bad for people's health and waistlines. The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, which is a nonprofit funded by dairy farmers to promote Wisconsin cheese, obviously takes issue with the billboard, claiming that the group behind it has ties with animal rights organizations.

Wisconsin cheesehead or not, we think that these two groups should find common ground by trying some of Shape's better-for-you recipes featuring cheese! Do you eat cheese? How often?


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