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Clothing Store Offers Compliments to Customers...From a Robot?


Who doesn't love a good compliment ("You look fabulous, dahling!"), especially when you're in a dressing room trying to decide if you can pull off the new romper overalls trend? But a new store in London is taking the old-fashioned technique of flattery and putting a new-age spin on it by having dressing rooms give customers automated compliments. 

At Yours Clothing's new store, women can expect a barrage of compliments from a robot, yet I can't help but wonder what woman really wants compliments from a robot. Remember a few years ago when they came out with scales that would play a recording of a crowd clapping and cheering whenever you lost weight? Those always made me a little uncomfortable (and not just because I usually weigh naked). I even felt a little weird when I set up a new checking account and my bank's website threw virtual confetti for me. 

But new jeans aren't remotely the same as a number on a scale or even a new checkbook. Style is so subjective. How we style ourselves is the first thing people see, and so of course we want our clothing to be an accurate reflection of who we are. Endless platitudes can just feel like a push to spend more money rather than sincere compliments. Make them automated, rote statements said to everyone, and they feels beyond meaningless, to the point of being just silly. Does anyone like being patronized by their tech? 

Bustle reports that the automated dressing rooms will be "available on demand," though, so if you'd rather be alone with your own thoughts while you try stuff on, you're in the clear. And if you prefer a human opinion, the store will be offering in-store stylists as well. I think this could be a fun idea, although I'm not sure how they differ from regular salespeople. Are they encouraged to give more opinions? Suggest more accessories? Offer a juice cleanse? I think I'll just stick to shopping with my best friend. I can trust her to be both honest and complimentary, and she doesn't care if I buy anything! 

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