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Coca-Cola's New Anti-Obesity Infographic Misses the Mark


As part of its "Coming Together" campaign, a program that aims to help consumers and their families make smarter choices, Coca-Cola just released a new infographic (shown below) that blames the obesity epidemic on chicken dishes, bread, and grain-based desserts (while conveninently omitting the fact that the No. 4 source of calories in the standard American diet comes from soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks). The graphic also highlights the old, outdated idea that "calories in" versus "calories out" equals weight loss...while ignoring that not all calories are created equal. After all, 400 calories of pizza or soda is different than a 400-calorie sandwich made from lean turkey, avocado slices, tomatoes, and whole-grain bread.

While we applaud Coca-Cola for attempting to tackle the issue head-on, we wish the company would take a closer, more honest look at its own (multi-billion dollar) role in contributing to the obesity epidemic.

What do you think? Did Coke miss the mark or is this infographic a step in the right direction?


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