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Collarbone Contouring: The Latest Beauty Trend?

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Style expert Jenn Falik once famously noted, "The collarbone and the shoulder are the new cleavage." Add that to the fact that it's sundress-season, and it's no surprise that "collarbone contouring" is a thing now, Fashionista reports

"Contouring" is a technique using highlighting and bronzing makeup to bring out bone structure while minimizing less desirable parts and is a well-known red-carpet trick. But is contouring your collarbones something real women should look into or is it one of those things that stars on magazine covers worry about?  Stella Kae, of Ivy Eleven and a celebrity makeup artist who's worked with beauties like Alyssa Milano and Toni Braxton, says that calling it a trend is overkill. She rarely sees people concerned about it. 

But while it may not be a daily look, there are definitely times it can add an ethereal "lit within" quality to a glam occasion like a wedding, says Meredith Hayman, an award-winning celebrity makeup artist who specializes in formal events. "I use it where the neckline is open. When the collarbone is contoured or highlighted, the eye will naturally go to the face as the light will reflect off the chest onto the chin," she explains.

Interested in trying the trend yourself? Try these easy tips from Hayman and Kae to get your own summer glow:

1. Use a liquid. Skip the fussy powders and use two different cream foundations. Apply the foundation closest to your own skin color all over your face. Next, use one two tones lighter on your forehead and cheekbones. And remember: Blend, blend, blend!

2.  Try a luminizer. "The easiest way to highlight is to mix a drop or two of luminizer with your moisturizer and blend," says Hayman. "Your bone structure will naturally pick up the light reflection in the luminizer." A good pick? Makeup Forever Uplight Face Luminizer Gel.

3. Keep other makeup light. One word: simple. Tinted moisturizer with SPF, a cream or gel blush, waterproof mascara, and a tinted lip balm are really all you need.

4. Sunscreen. No matter what you do, never skimp on sunscreen—seriously, says Kae. "No one is exempt. I'm Latina, I don't burn, and I've had a skin cancer scare," she says.

5. Flaunt what you've got. Whether it's your elegant collarbone, your spectacular cleavage, or toned shoulders, find a part of you that you love and highlight it by dusting with a large soft brush and light colored shimmery powder. 


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