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Could You Land a Date Wearing a Paper Bag?

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Tired of swiping through Tinder? Try going face-free with paper bag speed dating! Debuting at the British Science Museum in London and coming to New York this fall, the new trend requires participants to don paper bags in order to get to know each other’s personalities before their looks. Singles write amusing comments or interesting facts about themselves on their bags to act as a conversation starter.

Hosted by dating app Loveflutter, the event’s intent is to build on the company’s ethos, #SayNoToShallow. We think the idea is a fun icebreaker, but sexual attraction—especially in the selection or dating phase—is a must, says Harvard-trained psychologist Monica O’Neal, a relationship expert. Sexual attraction is also key for a long-lasting and healthy relationship. And it’s hard to tell if you’d want to sleep with someone if you—well—can’t see them!

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On the other hand, O’Neal says that paper bag speed dating could be a great way for people looking for a serious, committed relationship to meet, because once a person is set on finding a partner, factors other than attraction (personal values, honesty, and spirituality) take the forefront.

Regardless, we think it would be a fun adventure (and a great story to tell at girls night)! Would you try paper bag speed dating? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine.


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