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The Craziest Sex Rules World Cup Players Follow

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Soccer is getting personal. Even though most researchers agree that sex doesn't usually interfere with athletic performance, some World Cup coaches are reportedly taking precautions to ensure their players save energy for the field—not the bedroom.

And what luck, Quartz has compiled a handy dandy graph that shows which teams are allowed to get busy, which ones must abstain, and which teams have policies that are a little more "complicated." Because sex isn't just sex, people.

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And oh, the French would know. Their rules are appropriately perhaps the most detailed, mentioning whether or not a player can have sex depends on the type, length, and timing of sex. The Local speculates French coach Didier's decision of leniency may have been influenced by former team doctor Jean-Pierre Paclet who told French newspaper 20 Minutes that having sex is "relaxing" for the players "as long as it was not all night." 

Wonder how the other countries stack up? Nigerian coach Stephen Keshi has given permission to his players to bring their wives, but not their girlfriends to the tournament, and Costa Rican players are banned from having sex until the second round. Brazil coach Luiz Felippe Scolari said in a press conference that he will not allow his players to perform "acrobatic sex" during the tournament, adding, "We will put limits and survey the players," according to How exactly? Acrobatic? So many questions.

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Spain and Germany can have sex, but just not the night before a match. And those who can't do the deed at all? Mexico, Chile, Russia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. And the United States can have sex all they want. Go, U-S-A!

Now we can just sit back and watch which team comes out on top, but remember: Correlation does not imply causation, so we'll still fall back on what science has indicated and conclude most of this is just ridiculous, albeit entertaining.


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