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Cuddle Parties, How Your Fitbit Might Be Making You Fat, and Better Sunscreen on the Horizon


Need to catch up on the news? We've got you covered. If you've missed the top health headlines this week, let us recap them for you below.

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1. Is your Fitbit making you gain weight? Some users think so. Despite claims that Fitbit is the most accurate fitness and calorie tracker on the market, some users are finding that the calorie-counting methods the device recommends don't work for them. Today points out that this is a good reminder that weight loss is more of an art than a science, and that what works for some people doesn't work for everyone. 

2. Cuddling parties are a thing now. In an effort to connect and get the kind of non-sexual human contact that many people feel they miss out on when single, some people in New York have started hosting cuddle parties. The purpose, according to Jon Fortenbury at The Atlantic, is to touch and be touched, but not in a sexual way. Rather it's supposed to help people who are extremely lonely feel more relaxed, appreciated, connected, and like they belong. 

3. You probably think you're cuter than you are. Or smarter and more successful, but there could actually be an upside to being a little "deluded," as Science of Us calls it. Namely? Perseverence. If you believe you're better or smarter or more attractive than you are, you might be more likely to try for a job, date, or college that you would otherwise believe to be out of your league. Careful, though: The extreme flip side to that can be a complete lack of self-awareness, which isn't fun for anyone. 

4. Eat to beat stress. In a recent NPR and Harvard Medical School survey, more than a third of respondents admitted to turning to food when they're stressed. That's not necessarily bad news; certain foods can tamp down on your stress and anxiety (try these four healthy picks), but most people turn to sugary, highly refined carbs, which leads to a surge in insulin levels followed by crashes, leaving you hungry and still stressed an hour later. Next time you feel your stress level rising, skip the bagels or pizza, and reach for dark chocolate, eggs, pumpkin seeds, kale, or tuna. 

5. Better sunscreen is on its way. A new bill passed by the House Energy and Commerce's Health subcommittee could help speed up the approval of eight different sunscreen ingredients (some of which are legal in other countries already but haven't gotten FDA approval). With the subcomittee's approval, it's more likely that the House will pass it, and then it'll head to the Senate. If Congress passes the bill before its summer recess, the FDA has a year to respond to all the pending ingredients within a year. 


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