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Dattch: The First Dating App for Lesbians

Calling all women who love women: Dattch boasts being the first dating app designed specifically for lesbian women. The app, which first was limited to the U.K., recently launched in the U.S. with plans to launch in Australia soon. Built for women and by women, it doesn’t mimic those aimed at heterosexuals or gay men. 

Dattch founder and CEO Robyn Exton expressed to ReadWrite an idea so many people have yet to catch onto: "You can’t just take Grindr and make it pink and give it to women and say 'Ta da!' It’s a completely different experience and product—and I think no one seems to have taken the time to do it yet." 

Dattch allows users to upload as many pictures and as much information as they want. Women can fill up their profiles with photos of daily activities, hobbies, and favorite foods (something Grindr and Tinder don't offer), allowing for a deeper level of connection than just physical attraction. When building a profile, ladies are asked to answer questions like "What's something you couldn't live without?" or "What superpower would you choose?". A profile becomes a Pinterest-like mood board of everything that embodies a person, making it easier for women to have engaging conversations (and more interesting pick-up lines than "You have nice eyes").

While you would usually "like" someone on other apps—sending the person a notification—Dattch allows users to look for a match playing the game “Would You Rather” so they don't have to reach out to a lady all on their own. It even gives two people an introductory prompt when matched!

We're glad Exton took this initiative: Over 4 million women in the U.S. indentifying as lesbian or bisexual, so it's a surprise that a product like this took so long to reach the market. What do you think about this new app? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!


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