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Dermablend's Inspirational New Ad Lets Women Reveal Their True Selves


Dermablend recently released the latest ad for its corrective cosmetics, and in one fell swoop, it did something that's proved impossible for most other makeup brands: It produced an ad that is inspiring, relatable, and genuinely real.

It may seem a little counterintuitive, but because the brand is often used by people with mild to severe skin conditions, creative director Ludwig Ciupka wanted to highlight how Dermablend allows its customers to reveal themselves for who they truly are. He enlisted the help of Cassandra Bankson, a model and YouTube star who's suffered from severe acne for years, and Cheri Lindsay, a volleyball coach who has vitiligo (a skin pigmentation condition), and had them sit against a black backdrop and talk freely into the camera about their skin conditions.

Both women "fight through the shock that their skin condition creates—people look at them and stop at their skin," he told AdWeek. "Covering themselves allows people to see through their imperfections and see who they are inside."

Each ad is equally moving, and both women come to a similar conclusion: "I used to use makeup to cover up and to hide who I am. Now I use it to express myself and show the world who I truly am," Bankson says. 

Scroll down to catch both ads and then tell us: What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!

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