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Diabetes a Major World Health Concern

As obesity trends in the U.S. and in all countries continue to rise, a new report is putting attention on diabetes mellitus as a major world health concern that is a side effect of our growing waistlines. Diabetes mellitus affects an estimated 366 million people worldwide and staggering 4.6 million die from diabetes each year, according to The International Diabetes Federation.

The group says that this high number of people suffering from diabetes, which includes both type 1 and type 2, will undoubtedly put a strain on countries around the globe. The group estimates that each year health systems spend $465 billion to fight diabetes. 

While those with type 1 are born with diabetes, type 2 diabetes can generally be prevented and even reversed with weight loss, eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. Click here for more on how to prevent diabetes mellitus!


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