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Did Fertility Treatments Play a Role in Giuliana Rancic's Breast Cancer?


The internet has been abuzz with well wishes for Giuliana Rancic after she announced she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. But her early stages of breast-cancer diagnosis has also raised questions for many. 

Just 36 years old, doctors found Rancic's cancer when she was going in for her third round of in vitro fertilization treatments, which leaves some wondering if the fertility treatments played a role in her diagnosis. Rancic has been trying to get pregnant with husband Bill Rancic, and the couples IVF treatments have been shown on her reality show, "Giulana & Bill." 

Many have hypothesized that fertility drugs that affect hormones could increase the risk of breast cancer, but, according to a recent WebMD article on breast cancer and fertility treatments, most experts believe that there is no strong evidence to connect fertility drugs with an increased risk for breast cancer. However, more studies are needed that follow women who have undergone IVF for longer periods of time to fully understand the risks. Experts note that age, lifestyle choices and genetics play the largest role in breast cancer. 


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