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Don't Want to Work Out Today? Let this Fit Walrus Inspire You!


By the time Friday afternoon rolls around, it's tempting to skip your workout or reach for one more margarita or slice of pizza thinking, "Oh, it's the weekend, no big deal." Even fitness editors fall prey to this. In fact, I'm on day four of a new home kettlebell boot-camp routine, and this morning it was the literally last thing I wanted to do (well, I'm sure there was something else in the world I'd rather be doing less, but this morning I couldn't think of anything). Then I saw this video (thanks for the tip, Elly Steinmetz!) of a fabulously awesome walrus working out, and I thought, If this walrus has the time to put in a 10-minute workout, than so do I!

Check out the video below to catch the walrus in action, then why not get down on the floor and do a few pushups? Remember that you don't have to put in a full hour or even 30 minutes to reap the benefits of exercise. Twenty minutes is better than 10, and 10 minutes is better than zero.

Happy Friday everyone, and tell us: What are you doing to stay fit this weekend? Let us know in the comments!


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