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E! Creates the Perfect Woman


Is franken-female the new monster in our lives? E! has created the “perfect female celeb” to promote it’s new show Botched, and we are a little disturbed by the results.

As if we didn’t already have impossible standards of beauty, the bar is raised even higher here. Last week, E! conducted an online poll that allowed users to select from a list of celebrities and their body parts. To be “perfect” we apparently need Carrie Underwood’s hair, Mila Kunis’s eyes, Jessica Alba’s smile, Rihanna’s abs, Blake Lively’s legs, Gabrielle Union’s arms, and Sophia Vergara’s boobs. Sounds like something out of Silence of the Lambs, if you ask us.

All of these women are beautiful—no question about it. But honestly, we think working toward a healthy, attainable, feel-good look is better—and healthier. And after all, it would be pretty boring if we all looked the same (and pretty freaky if we looked like that!). What do you think of this controversial creation? Comment below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine.


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