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The Election Day Workout


Billions of dollars spent in political attack ads, three presidential debates, and one very seemingly long and hostile election season has all led up to the main event: Election Day 2012. If you haven't already cast your ballot, you seriously should, but if you have, the only thing left to do is start drinking (try mixing up one of these low-calorie political cocktails) and wait anxiously for the results to roll in one by one.

To help you burn off some of that nervous energy, we've put together our at-home election workout. Consider it a healthier take on drinking games: All you need to do is turn on your political coverage of choice; grab a friend, your S.O., or do it by yourself; and torch a few calories as you watch our democratic republic in action. And remember, in the famous words of Stephen Colbert, I am America and you can too! 

The SHAPE Election Day Workout
1. If you are a Romney supporter, do 10 jumping jacks every time someone says "47 percent," "Romneysia," "binders full of women," "Bain," or "Bain Capital."

2. If you're an Obama supporter, do 10 jumping jacks every time someone says "Obamacare," "malarkey," "unemployment," or "bankruptcy."

3. If you voted for either Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, you'll probably just want to sit on the couch and drink away the pain. But if you hear either of them mentioned, run in place for a minute.

4. Wait for the electoral college to be called in each state. If your candidate loses, get ready to move: If you're a Romney fan, do 25 watering elephants every time he loses a state. Obama supporters, do 25 donkey kicks every time the same thing happens to him. Rest when your candidate wins a state.

5. Do 10 sit-ups any time your roommates, S.O., or Facebook friends threaten to move to Canada if their candidate loses.

6. Every time a news or radio station accidentally declares the wrong candidate the winner of a state, do 10 burpees.

7. Every time the guy who controls the map on CNN zooms into a specific county within a state, do one minute of mountain climbers. Add 30 seconds if it's your county or state.

8. Each time a political or news commentator says, "It's going to be a close call," hold a plank for 30 seconds.

9. When Ohio is called, do a minute of squats. Add 30 seconds of jump squats if you were wrong about which candidate takes the state.

10. When the winner is announced, do a round of all the above-mentioned moves. Do the circuit twice if your candidate has to make the concession speech.


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