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Exercise Helps Stem Cells to Become Bone, Not Fat

If you're looking for a magic pill for improving your health, regular exercise is pretty much it. Besides picking up your mood, boosting your heart health, fighting cancer and controlling your weight, new research published in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology suggests that physical activity can help your body's stem cells to become bone not fat. When the stem cells become bone, they help to improve the quality of the blood and therefore boost the immune system, too.

Studying treadmill-conditioned mice versus sedentary mice, researchers found that the exercising mice, who ran less than an hour three times a week, triggered stem cells to become bone more often than fat. In the sedentary mice, the same stem cells were more likely to become fat, impairing blood production in the marrow cavities of bones, according to ScienceDaily.

This research is important for overall health because bone cells improve the climate for blood stem cells to make blood. When fat cells start to fill the bone marrow cavity though, blood stem cells become less productive, and blood issues such as anemia can occur. Researchers believe that these findings may help scientists pinpoint novel non-medicinal treatments for blood-related disorders in the future. Just another reason to get a workout in today!


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