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Facebook Names Top 10 Fittest Cities


Forget Muscle Beach: Virginia Beach is home to the fittest Americans, according to Facebook’s new list of the top 10 fittest cities.

While other similar surveys in the past have relied on expert opinions, online polls, and other measures, Facebook went straight to the source by listening to what millions of us were sharing with our friends about our workouts and health. (No word on if they accounted for the well-known Facebook exaggeration effect, though!)

After crunching data gathered from millions of fit status updates, check-ins at gyms, and uses of fitness apps, Virginia Beach, VA, came out on top for having the most "fitness related mentions" over a three month period.

But Facebook didn’t only look at the overall fittest cities, they also analyzed which places excel at different types of activity—very useful for planning your next fit-cation. If you love yoga, you'll fit right in in Austin, TX. But if you're more "oof!" than "ohm," just skip over to El Paso, king of the CrossFitters. And even though there's not an ocean in sight, the people of Tuscon, AZ, love its swimming pools and sunshine, while the beach babes in San Diego favor marathon runs through their beautiful city.

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Not only is this information fun (Oakland, CA, is the dance capital of the U.S. Must be all those Raiders fans), but studies indicate that social support can help you stick to an exercise program. So post about your morning bikram class or how tri training is going, and if a friend mentions a workout you’re interested in, ask if you can join her.  Maybe you can even help your city stay in or make the top 10 next year.

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