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Fish Is Even Better for You Than We Thought, Why Starbucks Always Gets Your Name Wrong, and Why Americans Aren't Getting Married


It's time to gather around the (proverbial) water cooler and talk news. This week's roundup includes a surprising new benefit of eating fish, the reason why Starbucks can never seem to get your name right, a new way to mitigate some damage from your diet soda habit, and some inspiring teens hoping to change the way we talk about menstruation. 

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1. Another benefit of eating fish. Hot off the heels of a recent study that suggests regular consumption of grilled or baked fish may improve cognitive function comes more research that shows fish may also improve your hearing. The study looked at two decades worth of research from 65,215 women, and found that consuming at least two servings per week of any type of fish was linked to less hearing loss. Lead study author Sharon Curhan told Time that it may be due to a higher consumption of long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which promote chochlear blood flow. 

2. Most Americans are single now. For the first time since 1976, unmarried American adults outnumber their married counterparts, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Eric Klinenberg, an NYU professor who tracks marriage trends, told the NY Post that while the percentage of single unmarried adults has been climbing for 30 years (it finally edged over 50 percent this summer), he doesn't expect it to go much higher, necessarily. Plus, it doesn't mean people aren't getting together; it simply means they're just exploring different ways to organize their relationships before racing down the aisle. 

3. These teen girls want you to know your period is totally normal. Two high-school students, Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser, created a video game called Tampon Run and it a) sounds amazing, and b) aims to break down the taboos and stigmas surrounding your menstrual period, Fast Company reports. "Most women menstruate for a large portion of their lives. It is, by all means, normal," the game creators wrote. "The taboo that surrounds it teaches women that a normal and natural bodily function is embarrassing and crude."

4. This is why Starbucks gets your name wrong. If you've ever cheerfully told the barista behind the counter that your name is Jessica, instead ended up with a hastily scribbled, "Gesssika" written on your cup, and walked away perplexed, cheer up! The mystery has been solved. Turns out, there's a reason the barista can't seem to get your name right—and it's not what you think

5. Still drinking soda? Get up and move around. If you haven't been able to ditch your diet Coke habit (check out simple tips for quitting here), you can mitigate some of the damage just by getting up and moving around. Here's how it works: Soda drinkers tend to consume more fructose (in the form of high fructose corn syrup), which puts you at an increased risk for diabetes and heart disease, but new research from Syracuse University suggests that physical activity may change the way your liver metabolizes fructose, so moving around (the researchers recommend walking 1,200 steps) a little bit every day may help wipe out some of those risks. 


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