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Forty Percent of Men Would Turn Down Sex to Watch World Cup

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Think your guy is always game for sex? You'll be surprised to hear that he may actually turn you down in favor of a game, according to a new survey by Durex. After interviewing 2,000 people, the company found that 40 percent of men would forgo sex to watch soccer this summer. And that's bad news considering the FIFA World Cup goes through mid-July. (Everything you need to know about that, here.)

In fact, other research has shown that sex toy sales shoot through the roof right before major sporting events, including World Cup. The suspected reason: so that guys can leave you to yourself while they tune in to the sports. Even more: Men appear to be so soccer-obesessed that 42 percent in the Durex survey reported saying they'd hurry to "get it over with" so that they could return to watching the pitch. (Hmm.) Thirty-seven percent of dudes also said they'd accept to the offer to hit the sheets—but only if they could keep the game on in the background! Other reasons your man could want to skip the hanky panky as the weather heats up? The survery revealed the top 10 excuses men use to get out of sex:

1. I want to watch the football
2. I've got a bad back
3. I'm too tired
4. I have a headache
5. I've been working late
6. I've got work to do
7. I'm too drunk (We feel you, partner.)
8. Can we do it later?
9. I don't feel well
10. I've got an early start in the morning

Not impressed? You're not alone. That's why we have your perfect, gorgeous, sometimes-shirtless, athletic antidote: The 50 Sexiest Soccer Players at the World Cup. Once he catches you checking out these beauties, we bet he'll snap off that TV pretty quickly. And if not, hey, we'll give him a break—it's only once every four years.

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