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Four Loko to Relabel Cans With Alcohol Content


In the past couple of years, Four Loko has been in the news — and not for good reasons. The sweet malt beverage drink with a very high alcohol content has been linked in the drinking deaths of teens in several states and last November, both the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cracked down on the makers of Four Loko, having them remove caffeine and other stimulants from the drink.

Because cans of Four Loko are usually sold side-by-side with other single-serving alcoholic beverages, the FTC is now requiring the makers of Four Loko to disclose on its label that a single supersized can contains as much alcohol as four or five cans of beer. 

The government has started cracking down on Four Loko and other sweet, high-alcohol malt drinks due to safety concerns. According to the FTC, consuming an entire can of Four Loko in one sitting is equivalent to “binge drinking” because cans of these carbonated beverages are not resealable, which encourages immediate consumption, according to an article in The Washington Post. Last month, Four Loko launched a new line called Poco Loko, which has smaller cans that contain less alcohol.

Have you ever tried Four Loko? Would you? I'm steering clear and sticking to my single glass of red wine, thank you very much!



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