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Get 'All the Right Moves' With This New Dance Workout


If you love to dance, take note! Next week Oxygen is premiering its new reality show, All The Right Moves, which follows dancers and choreographers Travis Wall, Teddy Forance, Nick Lazzarini, and Kyle Robinson as they launch the dance company Shaping Sound. While the show looks like it'll be a dancing good time, there's more than one way to get in on the action—and it doesn't involve sitting in front of your TV. Crunch Fitness has launched a new class called Shaping Sound that brings the dance experience of the show straight to you.

The special class was created by the stars of the show and is being taught by Crunch instructors in Los Angeles and New York. Marc Santa Maria, regional director of group fitness for Crunch calls the class a "power hour of dance" with five to 10 minutes of cardio dance, 10 to 15 minutes of dance technique (isolations, turns, strength work) and the rest of the time is laying out the choreography and then performing it at the end. The class burns 300 to 600 calories an hour.

"This class totally taps into the feel of All The Right Moves primarily because we got actual choreography from the guys and we are adding counts of eight from it and adapting it, so our members can relate to actual movement they will see on the show," Santa Maria says. "Once the show launches and we (the instructors) study it—we will also pull music from the show to use in the warm up and dance technique portions of the class. Depending on how fast folks pick up the routines (it's an open level class)—we will pull all the eight-counts together directly from the guys/show and perform it."

If All the Right Moves star and choreographer Travis Wall could explain the class in one word, it would be "movement."

"The combo that the boys and I chose to use is geared a little bit more towards people who have had some sort of training and are aware of their bodies and can change direction," Wall says. "It will be harder if you have no formal dance training and it will feel a little bit foreign, but is definitely worth trying!"

The class runs now through Labor Day and is offered at Crunch Sunset in Los Angeles, and Crunch Lafayette and Crunch on East 34th Street in New York. 

Not in LA or NY? No worries. We scored a little choreography from the show and class for you! The below routine is an eight-count from the Shaping Sound class.

Shaping Sound 8-Count Choreography

1. Start with your back to your audience with your left leg behind the right. All the weight is on only your right leg.

2. Step with your left leg, and turn your body to the left to face the audience while extending your left arm.

3. Complete a full turn while circling your right arm around your head.

4. Push your right heel of your palm forward while lunging back with one leg and arching your back.

5. Shift your bootie back, as you slide back and drop your upper body dramatically.

6. Pop up and step backwards, coming onto your tippie-toes and extending your arms up to the sky.

7. Step on your left foot to prep for a turn 8. Do a flip turn and land on your left foot and then...


Who else is pumped to try the class and watch the show on Tuesday, July 31st at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen?



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