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Got Muscles? Barbell Apparel Debuts Jeans for Athletes

Barbell Denim

"I have an enormous butt," Canadian Olympic skier Jan Hudec told the New York Times two months ago when asked about jeans shopping. He admitted that when he finds a pair that fits, he wears them forever, even shipping them to his mom to fix when they get torn because the chances of finding another pair are so slim.

But it's not just famous athletes who have a hard time finding denim that will fit the waist but still accommodate larger thighs, booties, and calves. Many of us have noticed that as our squat weight goes up, our denim options go down, which is why we were so excited to see Barbell Apparel, a new company that designs jeans specifically with athletes in mind.

"We were tired of struggling with jeans that didn’t fit, weren’t comfortable, and completely restricted our ability to move. So we decided to fix it," explain the founders, who boast they spend upwards of 20 hours a week snowboarding, mountain biking, motorcycling, and doing just about any adrenaline-fueled movement you can think of. 

Skinny jeans are the LBD of casual wear, but traditional jeans often try to minimize or camouflage larger legs, which not only makes legs look like stuffed sausages but also hides the muscle you've worked so hard to build! Even "curvy fit" denim falls short—it gives extra room for apple bottoms but not muscular legs.

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“I’ve spent 28 years squatting in that squat position, and I’m really proud of it," says Chemmy Alcott, a British skier. "It would be a lot easier for me to be a skinny normal person. I have to work really hard to get this muscle,” she says. "We've got booties!"

That's exactly why the company says they designed their premium stretch denim to "fit comfortably over muscular legs by accommodating your quads and butt without forcing you to buy larger sizes for the small waist you work so hard for." 

Barbell Apparel has received such a great response that they're considering branching out to other clothing items. Considering the company's kickstarter campaign has already raised 13 times the amount of money they originally asked for, it's obvious that we're not the only gym-loving girls excited for their debut. Now if only they can make us a blazer that will fit our ripped shoulders! 


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