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Gross Summer Skin Problems No One Talks About


We all strive for glowing, smooth, healthy skin, especially in the warmer months when bare skin is abound. And, because we're all probably wearing fewer layers, we seem to be more aware of complexion imperfections, especially those tiny little bumps that may seem to be creeping up everywhere—including your bikini line.

So, what are these pesky little bumps that don’t really look like blemishes? Read on for a breakdown of what they could be—and how to make them disappear.

As we age, little bumps can appear on the skin and leave us wondering what they are. Often times, they're mistaken for clogged pores and attempted extractions go awry. Next, you might try to treat the skin with harsh products thinking it’s could be a particularly angry pimple. But, because you're doing more harm than good due to the misdiagnosis, skin is left dry and irritated — and those weird bumps are still there.

Often times, these bumps turn out to be benign (non-cancerous) growths that appear on the face, neck, and body. They can begin as small, rough bumps and over time can become thicker and larger. There are many names for these—spanning the gamut of seborrheic keratoses, actinic keratoses, skin tags, sebaceous hyperplasia—and they all can appear a bit different. But, generally speaking, they're bumps, excess skin, enlarged oil glands, and growths that protrude from the skin and become impossible to hide with makeup.

They can become bothersome, and while there is no magic cream or ointment that will make them go away, there are treatment options. A few include cryosurgery (a freezing technique using liquid nitrogen) for more serious bumps, electrosurgery, which involves burning the raised skin off with an electric current, or curettage, which is a scraping technique. All of these procedures are offered at a dermatologist’s office and some may even be offered at your skin care spa. Some dermatologists may resist removing such bumps since they are benign and not dangerous, so you may have to insist to have them removed. I’d also advise to remove just one first to see how the skin will heal before having many removed. 

Two things to note when it comes to these unwanted bumps: Many of these growths are caused by a thickening of the skin. Both acids (like glycolic or lactic) and retinols may help since they can thin out the skin. Secondly, skin cancer (melanoma) can start as little growths, as well so it’s always important to get your skin checked over once a year. Bumps aren't the only weird skin problem that pops up in hot-weather months, for the scoop on two more common conditions, click here to read the full story at Refinery29!


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