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The Happiest Couples Sleep Less Than an Inch Apart


Sleep is highly personal. In our office alone, one editor says she tosses and turns all night, another stays still—hardly moving at all. Sleeping with a significant other? That complicates things even more: Some couples spoon, others face each other, and some stay on separate sides of the bed. But as it turns out, the way you hit the sheets with your partner may reveal aspects about yourself—and your relationship.

A University of Hertfordshire study found that creative types tend to sleep on their left hand side, introverts like to sleep back to back (with about 10 inches of space from their partners), and extroverts are more likely to spend the night close to their partners. “Extroverts like to be with others during the day, so it follows that they like to be with other people during the night too,” says the study’s lead researcher Richard Wiseman, Ph.D.

Even crazier: How much you and your guy touch while logging shuteye was correlated with relationship satisfaction: 94 percent of couples who spent the night touching each other reported being “happy” with their relationship, compared to just 68 percent of those who didn’t touch. [Tweet this news!] And only 66 percent of those who slept more than 30 inches apart reported being happy, compared to 86 percent of those who slept less than an inch apart. (Less than an inch, really?!)

Of course, this is just a correlation—and if your sweetie heats up like a furnace as he sleeps (and you move away to keep your cool), you’re not necessarily headed for the rocks. Another note: “We all move around throughout the night for all sorts of reasons, and this study just deals with people's initial position upon falling asleep,” says Wiseman.

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