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How Being in Love Can Boost Your Energy

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FIle this under ridiculously cute (and skip that second cup of coffee!): Daydreaming about your partner can literally result in a boost of energy, according to new research published in the journal Psychophysiology.

Researchers asked 183 individuals to focus on one of three things—an opposite-sex friend, their current romantic partner, or their a.m. routine—then fill out a questionnaire assessing their mood. Blood glucose levels were measured before and after the imagery exercise in order to gauge whether or not the participants’ energy levels changed in response to what they thought about. Adorably enough, people who thought about their romantic partner not only reported feeling happier than those in the other two conditions, they literally experienced an increase in glucose over time.

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Previous research shows that thinking about our significant other increases cortisol (which is a stress hormone) in the body, and cortisol can trigger the production and release of glucose, says Sarah Stanton, lead study author, and a Ph.D. student at the University of Western Ontario. Therefore the research demonstrates that your body actually experiences eustress—which is the “good” form of stress—when visualizing your mate.

So the next time you’re feeling sluggish staring at your computer screen, or simply in a sour mood—reflecting on how much you love your partner could be just the thing to turn your mood around and lift you up, says Stanton. There's a way to kick your 3 p.m. caffeine habit!


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