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How to Get Published


If you’ve ever caught your boyfriend leafing through a magazine in the past 10 years that had a half-naked man on the cover, there’s a good chance you’ve come across something I wrote or edited. (I hope it didn’t suck.) My name is Sean Hyson, and I am the training director for Men’s Fitness and Muscle&Fitness.

I have worked with all kinds of trainers and nutritionists for the past decade, many of whom have become leaders in our industry. I remember asking Jason Ferruggia for a bench press tip one time—in what ultimately became his first appearance in Men’s Fitness or any magazine—and I was so impressed with his advice that I helped him get his own column shortly thereafter.

I’ve worked with celebrity trainer Val Waters and leading women’s fitness expert Rachel Cosgrove.

I’m not writing to bore you with my resume, but to demonstrate what the world of magazine publishing can mean to your career as a fitness professional. I’m certainly not the only open-minded editor out there with an eye for talent—fitness magazines today crave fresh ideas and charismatic writers. I know from talking with my colleagues at SHAPE that they're always looking for new contributors for the magazine and bloggers for their site.

I want to help you hook up with them.

First, let’s look at what NOT to do.

6 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Trying to Get Published in Magazines

  1. Getting the wrong woman.
  2. Thinking too big.
  3. Not knowing the magazine’s audience.
  4. Failing to find an angle.
  5. Repeating an idea that worked somewhere else.
  6. Being too rigid.

In our new five e-book package, How to Get Published, Lou Schuler, John Romaniello, and I cover everything you need to know to see your name in print. Just the section on breaking into magazines alone looks at the following:

  • How editors think and what they do
  • The various types of mag articles and how to write them
  • How magazines are organized
  • Packaging (the marketing, or spin of a story)
  • How to write headlines, decks, leads, conclusions, and technical descriptions
  • How to write with humor
  • How to find and contact editors
  • How to pitch stories
  • Concessions you may need to make
  • A look at the editing process

The other e-books are:

  • Sit Your Ass Down and Write. A look at the basics of writing and how fitness writing must always promise a specific biological benefit.
  • Fitness Blogging for Fun and Profit. Roman explains how to build a successful blog that both showcases your writing and earns money.
  • How to Write a Book. Lou Schuler, who’s authored eight successful fitness books and counting, helps you identify ideas that sell and teaches you how to write proposals that win over publishers.
  • The Writing Life. Any remaining questions you have about the world of publishing and what it takes to succeed in it are covered.

In addition, you get interviews with top fitness writers such as Craig Ballantyne, Jason Ferruggia, Nate Green, John Romaniello, and website designer Jason Lengstorf.

How to Get Published: Writing Domination in the Fitness Industry—five ebooks and five bonus audio interviews—is ON SALE THIS WEEK ONLY FOR $97. Starting September 24, the price will go up to $147.

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