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How Much Should You Spill About Your Relationship?


Last night's season three premiere of The Mindy Project certainly lived up to our (extremely high) expectations for Mindy and Danny as a couple. [Warning: Spoilers ahead! You should really just watch already!] After revealing to the entire office how great Danny is with his mouth, setting off that sexy Castellano temper, we saw Mindy desperately try to suppress the urge to blab.  

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Since we can't help but apply all of our favorite TV shows to our own lives, we talked to relationship expert Tracey Steinberg to find out just how much is OK to spill when it comes to your guy, and what kind of effect pulling a Mindy can have on your relationship [Spoiler: It probably won't end with a strip tease.]

1. Your sex life: While Mindy’s intentions in advertising Danny’s oral skills may not have been malicious, here's the bottom line: Just like you’d feel uncomfortable if your guy shared details of your performance in bed with his friends, you need to respect him and keep private moments private, Steinberg says. Sharing the intimacies of your sex life is not only a betrayal; it can make him feel uncomfortable around both your friends, and you. Worst of all, it’s a big turn-off. Just not worth the risk.

2. His Secrets: Even if it’s not as exciting as a past life as a stripper named ‘Diamond’, if your guy has entrusted you with any of his skeletons, repeating them to others can do irreparable damage. “If he loses the ability to trust you with information that is private and important to him, your relationship is headed to the gutter,” Steinberg warns. If you really need to share with someone, go ahead and tell your mom or your closest friend (who will deny the conversation ever happened if asked), but just beware of what can happen if it ever gets back to him.

3. Gossip About Friends: If you haven’t already sensed a pattern here, you shouldn’t repeat any gossip your guy shares with you. Have fun talking about it amongst yourselves, but taking it outside of the relationship just makes the both of you look bad. 


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