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How to Save 1,500 Calories on a Friday


Wohoo, it's Friday! Time to decompress from a tough work week and get this weekend started.

If your Friday evening plans involve heading out to dinner, you don't want to blow all the healthy good you've done this week on one night. Here's how to save 500 calories (or more).

1. Skip the pre-dinner cocktail. Toasting the week with a drink? Having one isn't going to tip the scale—or is it? Some cocktails have well over 300 calories (a white russin has 374!). While waiting for your table, opt for a 120-calorie glass of wine or sip on seltzer with lemon instead.

Calories saved: 100 to 350

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2. Send the bread basket away. Warm and soft homemade rolls with maple butter sound amazing, especially when you haven't eaten since lunch. It's hard not to keep reaching for bite after bite when food is in front of you, so resist the temptation by asking your server not to bring it.
Calories saved: 100 to 300

3. Have a salad as appetizer instead of loaded nachos. You have no bread to nosh on, so you order an appetizer. Nachos with the works is just the thing you crave, but eight chips will run you almost 600 calories. Order a big salad instead with dressing on the side. The veggies will not only satisfy your need to munch on something, but they'll also fill you up so you can eat less of your meal.

Calories saved: 200 to 300

4. Split an entrée with your date. You're in the mood for a bacon cheeseburger and fries. Hold onto your seat because this classic meal is more than 1,400 calories. Of course it's okay to indulge, but you don't have to go overboard—split the plate with your date.
Calories saved: 700

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5. End your meal with this treat. A slice of New York-style cheesecake sounds divine, but depending on the toppings, a piece can run you between 700 and 1,300 calories. Even if you split a piece, it's still quite the calorie bomb. Choose a serving of vanilla ice cream with fruit instead.

Calories saved: 400 to 1,000

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