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The Hunks of the NFL and Their Workouts

Are you ready for some NFL football this fall? We are, but it's not really because we're that into football. It's because there are some seriously cute guys out on the football field these days. Read on for four football hunks we have our eye on this NFL season and how they get their fitness on!

Our Top Picks for the Best-Looking NFL Players
1. Chad Ochocinco. Now playing for the New England Patriots, Ochocinco works out hard.  From speed work to time in the gym to even soccer, when it comes to fitness, he's as serious off the field as he is on.
2. Adrian Peterson. Ranked by the NFL as the best player in football, Peterson practices like he plays—all out. Whether its speed drills, weight-lifting or plyometrics, this NFL cutie practices his movements on the football field in the gym.
3. Sam Bradford. Known as the AXE Hair guy, this quarterback has the moves to back up his locks of cuteness. He is committed to his team's regular practices and uses them to perfect his football-throwing skills.
4. Tom Brady. This well-known NFL quarterback is fun—easy to watch. Both during the on- and off-season, Brady does cardio like running, lifts weights and performs athletic drills to stay quick on his feet!
5. Tim Tebow. One of the most passionate and dedicated NFL players out there, Tim Tebow has been known to flip tires, push SUVs, drag sleds and perfect his pass with drills. He puts the "work" in "workout"—and the "hot" in hottie.


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