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It's National Chocolate Mousse Day!


It's official: There's a "day" for everything, and we mean everything. Still, we're not complaining—today is National Chocolate Mousse Day! What better way to celebrate than by eating some chocolate mousse? We rounded up our top three favorite healthy recipes so you can enjoy this delicious dessert without guilt. What are you waiting for? Go eat some chocolate mousse!

1. Chocolate of the Gods Mousse. This recipe is aptly named, because it's positively divine. The Hass avocados (one of our favorite heart-healthy additions to almost any recipe) give it its thick, chocolatey, and rich texture. One cup of mousse, combined with a half cup of raspberries clocks in at only 205 calories.

2. Chocolate Ginger Mousse. While we initially published this recipe for a story on Valentine's Day treats, there's no reason you can't enjoy this mousse any other day! This sugar-and trans fat-free dessert gets its delicious taste and creamy consistency from healthy ingredients such as tofu and ginger juice, and of course, chocolate.

3. Spiked Chocolate Mousse Cake. OK, technically this recipe is a cake, not a mousse. But we'll ignore semantics because it's just so good. This sinfully delicious dessert includes amaretti cookies, pecans, and a splash of coffee liquer to complement the chocolate.


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