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J.Crew Debuts Size 000

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Despite America's growing waistlines, popular retailer J.Crew just introduced its newest size, 000—the equivalent of an XXXS. 

In response to the new 000 tag (23-inch waist), many bloggers have lashed out, calling it vanity sizing—a marketing tactic used to sell a larger size with a smaller label. If the customer feels like she's dropped a size or two, then she's more likely to buy the item and want to shop there again. The problem is, the true size “0” gets lost in the inflation, which may explain why J.Crew has created this new number, though the retailer paints a different story.

“We are simply addressing the demand coming from Asia for smaller sizes than what we had carried. Our sizes typically run big and the Asia market tends to run small. Also to note, J.Crew's sizes run across the board to try and accommodate as many customers as possible...We run up to size 16, we carry petites and talls, and our shoe sizes run from 5-12. [It's] all based on customer demand," a spokeswoman for J.Crew told

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