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Join Our Sextember Twitter Chats!


This September, we’re talking about sex, baby. Even though we’re all getting busy behind closed doors, many women are still shy to discuss doing the deed in much (if any) detail. And trust us, we know how awkward it can be to air your most embarrassing sex questions, whether you’re talking to your ob-gyn on the exam table or your best friend over a glass of wine.

That’s why we’re excited to partner with Discovery Fit & Health for Sextember, a month-long program that’s definitely going to get people talking. Every night this month, Discovery Fit & Health will offer programs that give you a sneak peek into what’s really going on between America’s sheets, from unconventional relationships to sexual disorders and bizarre behaviors.

And all month long, experts will be answering your most pressing sexual questions and concerns on Twitter, as we co-host a real time Q & A session every Monday night at 10 p.m. EDT. So you know all those sexual scenarios you were too hesitant to ask anyone, even your friends, about? Now’s the time to shed some light on any taboo topic—nothing to be awkward, scared, or embarrassed about here.

Check out the schedule of topics below, and join us on Twitter tonight at 10 p.m. EDT as we co-host the first live chat!

9/1: Sex for New Moms
9/8: Sex Questions You're Embarrassed to Ask
9/15: Romance and Sex
9/22: Sexual Health


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